WEB-EXCLUSIVE: Chris Haslam Interview

After ten days traveling from San Diego, California to Portland, Oregon in an RV that runs on vegetable oil, Chris Haslam sat down to fill you all in on the experience. Amid demos, street skating missions, PSP gaming, and Borat’s MySpace bloggings—here’s a slice of life on the road, even if it smells like french fries.

How is riding in a vegetable oil RV different than any other tour?

Pretty sweet. I mean if you love fast food like I do, you’re psyched. Smells like fries all the time in that thing. Other than the smell and how it looks like a van from Back To The Future, it’s pretty normal.

What’s your favorite nickname for the RV?

I call it The Beast.

How would you describe the smell of its exhaust?

Smells like the kitchen of a resturant. Well, the deep fry section at least.

What did you think when you first saw it?

You got to be kidding me. I got over it as soon as I stepped into it ’cause it’s a sweet ride. Holla!

Would you ever convert and drive a car on vegetable oil?

Hell yeah, free fuel. Resturants pay to get rid of that stuff. So most of the time they have no trouble with you taking it. So it’s a win-win.

Now that you’ve seen America’s West Coast, how would you describe it?

I always like the Oregon area at this time of year. I’ve seen some good spots, but pretty much slept in The Beast the entire way listening to sword metal and drinking rootbeer. Didn’t stop and skate as much as I would have liked, but whatevs.

What’s your favorite Borat quote?

“I like make sexy explosion on my wife’s vahjeen. Iz nize. You like?”

Check the attached slideshow and all the video clips from the tour!