On Display
Sun Diego

Trung Ngo sparks off On Display with some ledge combos that would make Ocean Howell proud. Steve McNeal has the most original trick selection in the video. Big props on the kickflip Indy grab down the Clairmont eight flat. Julian Davidson is a hardcore up-and-comer and if any humans in power read this, you should get his name dotted in blood on a contract for your company ASAP. Steve Shipler (a.k.a “Shipwreck) is more ill than an oil spill and has lines more smooth than an oil slick. The Fin who is in to win Marius Syvanen drops some serious assault rifles. No, not bangers or hammers—it is 2007 kids, “assault rifle is the new term for the above. Tyler Surrey had a rare trick combo that is worth picking up this video alone: a nollie frontside big-spin kickflip to frontside noseblunt-slide on a crazy wedge spot. Wes Kremer is off the charts. If you could take the trick selection of Mike Carroll, the foot magnet to bolts style/flawless clean lines of PJ Ladd and mixed it with the speed of Justin Strubing you would get Wes. Much respect.—Nate Sherwood

Check the attached slideshow for photos of the skaters in On Display!