Web Exclusive DVD Review: Sex, Hood, Skate, And Videotape

Sex, Hood, Skate, And Videotape
Ian Reid’s video.

I met Ian one day at the DC T.F. back about three years ago. He was on a mystical journey through killer Cali with Brian Wenning. Brian and Ian share my same sick, morbid sense of humor about life, strife, tits, Betty Page bangs and beating people we hate to death with their own arms. But that is another story.

To sum it up, if you have ever been to NYC or any big city for that matter and said, “Damn, I wish I had a camera right now, after watching some next-level sh-t go down like a bum pissing on a human who is sleeping in the back of a subway. Well guess what Ian Reid does? He documented things that CNN and ABC would fear showing you about the real world. From muggers shooting people at point blank to borderline porn. This video is the most raw and amazing and gutsy thing to be put into the skate industry since Mark Gonzales, Jason Lee, and Rudy Johnson did the first blind ad laying a smack down with their first graphic campaign. In my opinion, this video is the epicenter of what skateboarding is about--being in the street and not scared of the industry.--Nate Sherwood

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