Web Exclusive DVD Review: Splash

Manik Skateboards

Jordan Sanchez has a great music/tricks and original spot selection. Mike Burton wrenched together lines that are so fast, Marshall “Stack Reed had to buy some Swiss ceramics to keep up. Josh Anderson gets M.V.T. (most valuable trick) with his 360 flip back footplant in a line on a wood bench. Ethan Fitzpatrick should have a magazine cover or 50 with half the stunts in his part. Joshua Jones rules. Dirty Dan is my hero for not conforming to the dumb fashion trends in skateboarding.

But my favorite part of Splash. has to be in the bonus section where Josh Mohs, Erick Green, Dennis Rose, Bryce Neiber skate a ditch that has running high-speed water in it. I sh-t you negative. They all have lines that would make Chris Senn and Matt Pailes look sketchy on a dry ditch. Highlights are Bryce Neiber rock ‘n’ rolling a seven-foot-tall wall after rolling through 60 feet of five-inch-deep water as his run up. Not to mention Josh busting a frontside bluntslide mid-line on some driftwood that is floating down stream as well. Splash. is amazing.--Nate Sherwood

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