Web Exclusive DVD Reviews: High Grade Blend

High Grade Blend
High Grade Distribution

Brian Delatorre has a name that sounds like a mafia cat, but his style is anything but mob. He rips hard and has some bangers that were hard-hitting as hell. Fabrizio Santos does some jaw-dropping sh-t like an ollie out over a fourteen-foot-long gap to nose bonk on a brick to an eight-foot drop. JR Dias does a shove flip manual to ollie out over an eigh-stair look so easy you would think it was just a curb. John Buchanan’s is dope like a pound or a key. Mike Rosa blasts some huge snaps over everything and Brian Downey skates some dirty-ass spots. Ryan Nix kills everything from Miami to Portland. Dave Abair is hella underrated. Nick Matlin is the best chain smoker on a skateboard, oh yeah and speaking of smoking to be honest after watching this video, I felt as if I got a contact high. I have no clue if the DVD unleashes small amounts of THC as you watch it into the air or what but I had a bad craving, so I went to my local O-side fireman and bought a twenty sack. Now I can’t recall the rest of the video…—Nate Sherwood

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