It’s been a little more than one year since Nick Dompierre turned pro, his footage for both the Adio and Real videos is reaching it’s maximum capacity, and Red Bull has officially given him a new set of wings. After talking to the 21-year-old last week right before he stepped on a plane to the Down Under, we came to the conclusion that the East Coast, hidden hair, and nitrous tanks all make for one hell of a skateboarder.

What are you going to Australia for?
It’s a Volcom trip and then at the end there’s a big Globe contest.

Are you going to be out there for a couple of weeks?
For twelve days.

January marked the one-year anniversary of you turning pro, right?

So, how does that feel?
It feels pretty good. When I first turned pro, I mean, I was psyched but… I don’t know. I just felt like I should be better.

Where you nervous about going into too soon.
Yeah, kinda.

What do you mean? Like you felt like you needed to get more coverage first?
Nah, I just felt like I should be a better skateboarder, like I wasn’t good enough to be pro or something.

That’s just how I felt.

Well, we were all psyched on you.

You got nominated for TWS Street Skater Of The Year that year too. As an am.
Yeah, I was psyched.

So, what do you got planned for this next year?
Just skate and try and get video parts done. And just keep my sponsors happy. Keep the kids happy.

Do you take a lot of trips now out to the West Coast or to S.F.?
Yeah, I take a lot of trips. I’m going on a third trip in a row right now. I just got back from Miami, then I went to S.F., and then to L.A., and now I’m flying out tonight to go to Australia. Sometimes it’s pretty hectic, but sometimes it’s chill.

What do you think is better? The East or the West Coast?
F—king, the East! For sure. [Laughs].

What’s the best thing about the East Coast compared to the West Coast?
F—k, I don’t know. The East Coast is just a lot cooler.

What about the people?
Pretty much everybody on the West Coast gets hooked up. They see demos every day. Back home, kids don’t see that every day. If they get a demo, all the kids go there and they’re just psyched to see a pro. They’re psyched to get free stuff too, but they just more enjoy seeing the pro skate.

It’s like we’re almost spoiled on the West Coast?
Yeah, f—king, way spoiled. You get to skate every day of the year. It’s nice. We got [on the east] snow and all that cold weather to deal with.

Who are some of your influences in skateboarding?
Dennis Busenitz—or Kenny Anderson.

Where they influences before when you were younger or more so now that you’re on some of the same teams as them?
I always liked their skating. When I was really young, I was always a big fan of Jamie Thomas. Then I got to skate more and more with Dennis and Kenny and they’re just amazing. It’s ridiculous the sh-t they can do.

Your brother is coming up skating as well isn’t he?

We saw him at Tampa Am. How old is he?
He’s going to turn 18 on March 2.

Has he picked up any sponsors? Or is he on big brother flow?
Every time I get Adio shoes Travis always sends extra pairs for him and Darin from Deluxe always sends extra boards.

Speaking of Deluxe, when’s the next Real video supposed to come out?
I don’t know. They always say dates, but I don’t really listen because it always gets pushed back. I’m just going to keep skating.

How’s your part coming along?
I haven’t had a video part come out for a long time so I got a sh-tload of footage for the Real video—and the Adio video. I’m just kinda waiting. I think I got enough footage for both of them.

I have to ask you about the beanie. Everybody always brings it up. Nobody’s really seen you without a beanie on in the past couple of years.
I can’t see without my hat. My hair’s just too long.

Yeah, you got a full head or hair under there right?
My hair’s f—king long as f—k. I might cut it soon and just donate it too cancer, but I figure I have it this long so I might as well just keep going.

When’s the last time you cut it?
I can’t even remember. It’s been over two years for sure.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Go bowling or play some pool or something. Work on my car. That’s pretty much all I do.

Do you ever street race or anything?
Yeah, I do a lot of street racing.

What about donuts in parking lots?
Nah, that’s the sh-t that can get you in trouble. I mean, street racing can get you really f—ked, but, like a donut? That’s pretty much wack. I don’t know, it’s not wack but…

So you’ve been in full-on races where you find a long empty street at two in the morning and go for it?
We got this highway we race at and we got this parking lot where we always meet up at. So, we’ll plan a race a week ahead, and it’s like, “Okay, lets meet here at this time. Don’t bring too many people.” And then, “You ready? You ready?” Check the tires, check your oil pressure, and light ’em up and just race. And then we’ll go back to the spot where we hung out and just shoot the sh-t for a little bit and that’s pretty much it.

Have you lost more times than you won?
Nah, I’ve won a lot of ’em. I lost one time up in Connecticut to this guy when my nitrous didn’t work.

It just shut down?
Yeah, the nitrous didn’t see any fuel in the regulator, and it just shut the nitrous system down so it wouldn’t add it in and blow it all up.

Damn, so you have nitrous installed in your car?
Yeah. That sh-t works good.

What does it feel like when you hit it? Is it just like a blast of speed?
Yeah, it feels good. When you’re at the track, it definitely puts you in your seat.

That’s like some Fast And The Furious sh-t.
If I race on the street, I do a burnout and come out to second gear and hit the nitrous. The tires are warm from doing the burnout, so it just hooks and takes off.

What else have you been doing other than working on your car and skating?
Just hang out with my friends. Go bowling, or play some pool or something, or work on my car. That’s pretty much all I do.

Anything you’re trying to accomplish?
Just skate as long as I can skate for.

. That’s pretty much all I do.

Anything you’re trying to accomplish?
Just skate as long as I can skate for.