Wednesday Wallpaper: Alex Olson

Spice up your desktop with a new photo each week—click on the photo for the large version, then download or drag it to your desktop. From our January 2011 issue: Alex Olson sets off The Streets Are Ours spread with this frontside wallride in NYC.

Photo: Skin Phillips


I always loved photos from the East Coast and especially shots from New York City. If you want to get a photo in NYC, you’re gonna have to work for it. I’d like to say that I had to put in some work for this photo too, but in fact, it all happened by accident. After a little cruise desperately trying to keep up with 5Boro’s Mark Nardelli, we had a couple hours to kill and we ended up at 12th and A. After an hour and a half, and right when we were about to leave, Alex Olson showed up and casually started blazing. This frontside wallride photo was the perfect end to one of those perfect weeks.—Skin Phillips