Weekend At Tampa Pro 2007

So much happened this weekend, I don’t even know where to start. From Rob Dyrdek throwing out $5,000 in one-dollar bills to a stampeding crowd, to Greg Lutzka dealing with canceled flights in Milwaukee and deciding to drive all the way down to Tampa only to show up two hours before his contest run and still rip the course, to Koston skating so effortlessly (almost like he was just dorking around) and deservedly taking first place, this was a Tampa Pro to remember—or drunkenly forget, depending on what crew you spent your nights out in Ybor city with.

With such a long list of untold stories, hilarious moments, and mind-blowing skating to smash together and bury into paragraph after paragraph, I’m gonna make this easy on you. I’m breaking it down one-by-one, everything I can pull outta my worn out brain cells to give you a small taste of what we experienced (or realized we experienced once we went through our photos) this year at Tampa Pro 2007.

• Rob Dyrdek was there with a film crew following around Rob Dyrdek, Big Black, and the rest of their entourage for an episode of Rob and Big. Rob ended up skating really well, made it to the finals, and placed 7th.

• Bill Weiss did his signature naked 540 on the vert ramp, first try.

• Then Dyrdek got on the deck and threw out $5,000 to an instantly-turned-greedy crowd. I managed to pick up $14.

• De La Soul put on an amazing show on Friday night. The crowd was getting into it and the performance was flawless.

• Now that Nike SB is the new sponsor, not only did they get team riders Stefan Janoski, Brian Anderson, and Omar Salazar to come out and rip the course, they increased the prize purse—first place was worth 20 grand.

• Our black beer cups with “censored by TransWorld SKATEboarding kept everyone alcoholically refreshed.

• Because of a huge snowstorm in New York, hundreds of flights were cancelled affecting flights across the country—Greg Lutkza’s flight to Tampa was one of those flights. But he decided to drive from his hometown of Milwaukee, finally showing up two hours before his finals run and straight killed the course. He placed sixth, but was the skate solider of the weekend.

• 411 did a live Web cast of the contest. But if you missed it, I guess it’s too late now.

• Perfect style, perfect trick-of-choice—Stefan Janoski took first place with a switch flip to switch crooks in the Best Trick contest.

• The fact that Koston skated in Tampa Pro would alone be enough get him a mention here. But he won—and landed a 360 flip noseslide on the bank to ledge, a switch heel down the double set, and backside noseblunts down the rail, to roll away laughing, cracking jokes, and showing how easy and how much fun he was having.

• When they announced Koston won first place, he stage dived into the crowd.