Weekly Giveaway: Expedition One

I like a Expedition One. Do you like? Iz nice!

Okay, this Chany ad was one of the best of the year, and now you can get the board plus a whole bunch of other goodies from Expedition One, including the Kayo it’s Official video. Here’s what you gotta do: Email twshasmail@yahoo.com the funniest Borat clip you can find on YouTube. Make sure to include your address! We’ll judge, the winner gets the box and we’ll post the clip up here. Get to searchin’!

Check out Chany’s blog, too!

Deadline is next Wednesday, November 14.

Congrats to the winners of the DC/Josh Kalis giveaway:Eddie Gerry of Carpinteria, CA; Charlie Mrusko of College Park, MD; Ian Madan of Berkeley Heights, NJ; Tom Dorlig of San Diego, CA; and David Ayala of Corpus Corpus, Texas. You’ll be killing it like Kalis in no time!