Weekly Giveaway: New Transworld Gear & Black Tide!

Hear ye, hear ye! Our new T-shirts are in, and we’re giving them away, but that’s not all. You’re also getting a copy of Black Tide‘s new album Light From Above. That’s heavy metal, man.

Here’s what you gotta do to win: Email us proof that you’re a heavy metal fan. Whadya got, bro? A concert ticket stub? A bootleg shirt? Long hair, tight pants, and some high tops? A T-top Camaro? Let’s see it all!

Email twshasmail@yahoo.com. Make sure to include your address and T-shirt size! Deadline is Wednesday, June 4. Good luck!

And congrats to the winners of the Natural Koncept giveaway. The following people all named Josh Zickert as the new pro and are getting a copy of Dysfunctional Family: Kyle Benedict, Chad Dougherty, Jeff Sukes, Miguel We, Jason Park, Konstantin Podprugin, Bryan Ferra, Joe Meche, Bob Price, Lee Coffey, Steven Climer, and Ian Bugbee.