Weekly Giveaway: Rob & Big

You like Rob & Big? Of course you do. We’ve got the first two seasons’ Box Set. All 16 episodes, a ton of bonus scenes, and way more Rob and Big than MTV was allowed to show.
Here’s what you gotta do to win: Email us and tell us what your favorite episode was and why.

Email twshasmail@yahoo.com. Make sure to include your address! Deadline is Wednesday, April 16. Good luck!

And congratulations to the winners of last week’s Pappalardo Online Payday, Nicholas Rix from North Providence, Rhode Island who wrote in with this reason of why he likes Pops:

The reason I like Pappalardo is because he is a legend in skateboarding history, and also a huge inspiration to me. I watch all of his parts new or old on YouTube before i go skate almost every day. Whether I win this contest or not, he will always have affect on my skateboarding ’til I die.

and Adrian Vitou who wrote this piece:

He’s that rare skater who has a solid style and sick trick selection. Plus his gear has always been sick and ahead of its time. Those lumber jack flannels and those chinos are straight outta ’96 CCS with John Reeves on the cover.  He came to my town (Toledo, Ohio) in 2002 on that Trisect tour for Workshop and f–king killed it. Dude is always on the sickest companies in their prime (Workshop during the Pendleton hey day, Lakai since day one unitll recently and Elwood’s been tight forever). Whatever I’m a fan of Pops.

Congrats dudes, as soon as you send us your sizes, fat packages are in the mail!