Weekly Giveaway: Tony Hawk’s Project 8

The good people at Activision just FedExed us a box full of Tony Hawk Project 8 games. We’ve got versions for PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360. So if you want one, email twshasmail@yahoo.com and tell us which pros are featured in this latest instalment of the Tony Hawk series. Put “Project 8 Pros” in the subject line, and include which game console you have and your address!. Good luck! Deadline is next Wednesday, December 13, 2006.

Check the attached videos for hints!

As for the winner of the last Weekly Giveaway, the Crimson boards, many of you got close to naming Kris Markovich’s video part history--here’s the most official list as sent over by Charlie Thomas:

G&S -- Winona Riders
G&S -- Stun
A1 Meats – “don’t know the title “
A1 Meats -- Dancing in the dirt
Union -- Right To Skate
101- 101 Video
411- Issue # 9
Color -- Color video
Prime -- Fight Fire With Fire
Whiskey Video
TransWorld -- 4 Wheel Drive
Element- Tour video
Element- Third Eye View
Duffs -- Wonder Years
Progression Video –
ADIO -- One Step Beyond
Hurley -- Hallowed ground
Foundation -- Art Bars
Blind -- What If