What It Feels Like: To Get Head Lice By Daniel Espinoza


As told to Kevin Duffel from our April 2011 issue.

How did I get it? I don’t really know, truthfully, but I had just gotten back from a Cliché trip in Europe. I’ve heard a lot of people get it from traveling, so that’s probably how I got it. I didn’t know until maybe like a week after I got home.

I was sitting in my room, and my hair started itching like crazy. I thought it was just starting to itch because I hadn’t washed it for a while, and because it was so greasy and f-ked up, and so I just started brushing it. I looked at the comb, and you know how there’s a little ball on each tip of the bristles? Well, underneath them, those things started turning black. I was like, “Oh, f-k. What is this?” My hair wasn’t fully covered in eggs, it just started. I went and started washing my hair and found a bug in my hair and freaked out. I only found like three bugs. They look like little crabs, but really small. One of them was dead, and the other ones didn’t really move when I had them on my hand.

I just thought, “F-k it, I’m gonna go shave my head.” I went to Supercuts, and they were like, we can’t shave your head, but we can check to see if you have lice. She was like, “Yeah, you have lice.” Then I went to my friend’s house, and he was like, “Okay, I’ll shave your head.” I think I broke one of his razors because my hair was so long. I had never shaved my hair in my entire life. When I shaved my head and saw my shadow when I was skating, it seriously f-ked me up like crazy. I felt off balance.

I bought everything to spray all over my room and inside my car, and the shampoo that kills eggs and stuff, but I think the actual shampoo burned more than the lice on my hair. You know how you have a cut and you pour alcohol on it and it burns? It was kinda like that, but all day long. Trying to skate like that is so horrible. I only skated like two days out of the entire time because I was so freaked out. I didn’t want to leave my room or anything.

I used to never shower or wash my hair. Now I shower and wash my hair like twice a day to make sure there’s nothing in there. I went from one extreme to the next.

The only thing that really sucked about getting lice was that everyone thought it was the funniest joke ever. Have you ever heard of people putting stickers on their cars that say like, “Got Nos?” Well, my friends were going to put a giant sticker on my car that says, “Got lice?”-a big white decal on the back of my car while I was gone. It’s still a never-ending joke. After this, I’m sure I’ll get made fun of a lot more than I do now. So sick.

Daniel got lice in mid-October last year and, to his knowledge, never gave it to anyone-although that probably would have been the best way to get back at his friends for making a mockery of him.

Daniel in less licey-er times: