What McCrank Rides And Why?

My board is 7.813 wide. I ride it that wide because I like to skate everything-street and parks and stuff. Not too skinny and not too wide, just perfect shape. I like my boards kind of flat. I never really new I liked flat boards until I started riding them. Girl makes flatter boards than usual. I like a longer nose than tail, but I also like my tail kind of long. I don’t like short wheelbases; mine is a little bit wider than most wheelbases.

I have my own wheel company called Momentum. I ride the 55 mm thin series. Pretty hard but not extra hard where they flat-spot easy. I put Powell Swiss bearings in; they’re the best. I ride Royal trucks, the new Girl trucks. I ride ’em a little bit less than tight, in between tight and loose, I get a little bit of wheel bite here and there but it doesn’t bother me. Griptape is just Girl griptape already precut into squares and I position the logo cutout in the middle, so you can see it, but I don’t take it out.

My boards usually last two sessions. I skate all day so I wreck my boards really bad. I usually put new wheels on a new setup everytime, except I keep my trucks. When I do get new trucks I don’t change out the old bushings. New trucks work fine. I wear ├ęS shoes, usually the Ronnie Creager shoe. I’ll have a sample of my new shoe pretty soon, I can’t wait. When it comes to terrain I ride it all. It’s all skateboarding.

– As told to Shad Lambert