What Urpz?

Tucson, Arizona, a slow southern town that still has tinglings of its past as the wild f—kin’ West. It’s a bit of an undercover skate paradise. There’s a lot of footage you’ve seen from out here but probably didn’t know it was Tucson.

Funniest thing that’s happened so far: Last night we were driving to the bar (Duffel was behind the wheel being the only one in our crew that abstains from the drink), and as Duffel’s making a u-turn in our huge 15 passenger van, he notices a couple riding bikes up the sidewalk. He yells, “Ow, yeah baby!” or something like that making the girl turn her head. He follows it up with, “Shake that ass!” This second verbal volley the girl didn’t even hear, but her boyfriend sure did. He quickly threw down his mountain bike and ran up and kicked our van! The audacity! Before this idiot knew what had happened Ragdoll jumped out of the shotgun door, Eric Hamamoto swung open the sliding door, and Matt Ball had catapulted himself from the very back seat out onto the sidewalk while happily exclaming, “Let’s go!”

Dude straight booked.

It was funny. Eric and Rags finally confronted the dude and his girlfriend didn’t even know what was going on. Meanwhile inside the van, Nuge, Sammy Baca, Slash, and I were dumbfounded, when all of a sudden Corey realized the guys bike was right in front of the van. “Should I run his bike over?” Corey asked with a chuckle. “Do it!” came five simultaneous voices. Gas pedal floored. What happened next can only be described as the sound and feeling of metal being crunched and dragged, sparking and squealing up the street. It felt like a ride at Universal Studios. The damn bike got lodged under the van. The look on the goon’s face was priceless. Hamamoto tried to free it, but couldn’t. Finally Rags pulled it out. It looked like a cross between a metal taco and a Razor scooter. We all hopped back in the van and took off. Suffice it to say dude’s night was ruined and his girl probably got mad at him too. After all he started it. Why in the world would you kick a 15 passenger van full of dudes?

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