Whether you’re sketching a graphic, helping design a shoe, or running around in your underwear for money, the most important thing to remember is to have patience and persistence. Just kidding. I have no idea what I’m talking about. But I do know that Evan Smith’s new shoe from DC, the Evan Smith S, is looking pretty sweet. Fully embracing the Toecap, and featuring DC’s new Impact-I Inflexion technology, this shoe looks strong and feels comfy. Learn all you need to know about this new shoe and its technical details on dcshoes.com. Eric Dressen recently tok a trip down memory lane with Professor Schmitt to help design a guest board with Z-Flex. Working on a board with Z-Flex all these years later i something he says he never would’ve imagined. Nostalgia at its finest! Look for this and more of Z-Flex’s Master Crafted series on zflex.com. And last but not least, Stance, the sock pioneers of skateboarding and beyond, have stepped up their game to make room for another important apparel item that often gets overlooked—boxers and briefs! That’s right. All your undergarment problems will now be solved. Trust us when we say these are some next-level underwear. Wildly comfortable to the last stitch! And in celebration of the new Star Wars release, we couldn’t leave out their Star Wars Force Socks! Side note—you should head to stance.com/bounty to see how you can win 25 Gs just for getting crazy in your undies. Might sound absurd, but it’s worth a look, right? —Brian Blakely