What We Like: Skate & Create Edition

Our Skate & Create IV teams had more to offer than just creative ideas and professional execution for their projects. They’re also backed by some of the best and coolest product in the biz. The TWS staff hand-picked an item or two from Habitat, Creature, Dwindle, and Blueprint that we wished we could take home with us. And since we took S&C outside the warehouse this year, we needed some shades for our eyes, and Oakley had us covered. Have a peek at our product picks this month:

Chris Haslam almost Impact Support

After seeing Chris Haslam manhandle the awkwardly square boards in Dwindle’s Smooth Moves, we’re taking his almost Impact Support deck for a test drive of our own.

Blueprint Nick Jensen Monogram

Blueprint’s Life Glitch had us tripping, so we wanted to get on Nick Jensen’s new deck before he hits the skids and ends up on Hollywood Blvd in a Beefeater costume (you’ll see what we mean on February 20).

Habitat Angel Arboreal Bamboo

The Habitat boys got hella creative up in S.F. with their homage to Scott Bourne. No monkeying around here, we wanted this Daryl deck (sorry about the terrible pun.)

enjoi Champs Pullover Hood

enjoi never has a shortage of funny graphic ideas. This one came out just in time for the Super Bowl. We had to have one. Why would you sit inside on a beautiful Sunday afternoon rather than go skateboard?


Like we just said on the previous page, no shortage… How’s this throw pillow for your couch?

Creature Bruicidal Tendencies Cruzer

Cruise it to your local bar, shoot it into the leg of any random rollerbladers, and you can even open your bottle on it. We’re sold.

Creature Wrench Cruiser

What better board to have when you’re screwing together ramps or fighting off surf turkeys? Heddings and Creature got the tools for the trade.

Cliché Limited Edition Lucas Puig Cruiser

Rare and aesthetically pleasing, just like Lucas’ skateboarding, this cruiser is one for the collection.

Oakley Frogskins Blacklight Collection

Since Skate & Create took place in the streets this year, we needed some relief from the sun. The sharpest shades to come out were the Blacklight Collection by Oakley. See all six colorways here.