Clearly not something he hates, Mike Gilbert, Fallen’s video man (blue sweatshirt and black hat) smiles through Skate & Create (photo: Shigeo).

Skate & Create can break down the most smiley person. I found myself hating things I usually enjoyed, like having a nice cold Coca-Cola out of a glass bottle and shitting. I'd just be on the toilet all pissed off. Just imagine how Mike Gilbert, Fallen’s filmer (and the man behind the Mystery video Black and White and Ride the Sky) felt. He was filming the whole S&C and working with Jamie Thomas and the Fallen team to organize the whole concept. There was plenty that he hated and some things that he didn't hate so much. I picked his brain for which was which. He kept it cool, but I thought I’d let him vent and see what was eating Gilbert.


Seeing the plan go through: Well, my plan didn't fully go through as I hoped, so… I kinda hate that.

Too much Jimmy Carlin: …he's always refreshing, but after a while, he can be hard to calm down. You're like, "Jimmy, just sit still for a second, please," and he's all "Ehhhhh? Wha'?"

Obstacles: Too many damn curved ledges.

Dust in the warehouse: That was wack. My nose was focused at the end of the day—filled with boogers. But, I also used to work in the Cheyenne Mountains near NORAD in Colorado and that place is a dust pit. I mean, I smoked then and worked in the dust, but it felt like you smoked three packs a day when you didn’t. The warehouse wasn’t as bad, but it still sucked.

Too many cooks in the kitchen: It's inevitable in Skate & Create, no matter which team you are. Definitely hate that. But, it's just the way it is, even when you're working on a normal video.

Waiting: I hate that but, again, it just comes with the territory.

Being away from your family: Hated that, especially because I have a new child, so my wife's battling to hold it all down back home.


Being with homeys: I totally hated that. Just kidding.

Filming and finding good angles: Obviously, that's the part I like the most about it.

Jimmy Carlin: Jimmy was actually really entertaining in Skate & Create. He gave us all a little break from the monotony of the shoots….

Nice weather outside: I would say I hated this, because I was stuck inside a warehouse all day, but it was really nice when we got breaks to step outside.

The warehouse bathroom: I didn't spend much time in there. I just pissed out the bay doors. Ha ha.

Free food: How can you hate on free food? I saved money that week, for sure.

The tricks: Don't hate that. The tricks were amazing. Everything was gnarly. But, it never—no matter what you do—translates. So, it's never as gnarly as in person. But, the stuff in our Skate & Create was all actually really gnarly. I hope people don't take that for granted.

It’s not all negativity. The Skate & Create issue will be dropping soon. See how Gilbert and crew came up with their concept and the radness that resulted.