Wicked Wahine Contest, Lake Forest, CA.

Words: Annie Allegretti
Photos: MRZ 

For the love of skateboarding, girls are coming out of the woodwork. They are getting younger and more impressive. On September 17th, etnies skatepark gave host to Tammy Tangalin’s (BamBam) Wicked Wahine Series one year anniversary. This time, in addition to the usual female bowl skating extraordinaire, the stop also provided a street extravaganza, in which the likes of Elissa Steamer, Vanessa Torress, Amy Caron, and 13 year old Laci Baker were among the many finessing ladies of the street. The day was impressive with lots of new, young faces joining the series. Seventeen year old Annie Sullivan showed reckless abandon in the skull bowl, busting big ol’ backside airs over the hip. Thirteen year old Apryl Woodcock came by to collect the pro-division best trick (Miller Flip) and first place, which is becoming a common sighting these days. And now with support from Vans, this young lady will be competing in next year’s international World Cup. Twelve year old Julie Kindstram left her local Costa Mesa park to come skate the etnies clover bowl with her own arsenal of tricks. She rolled into the shallow end, out of the deep, fifty-fifty carved all the way around the corners, and was also among many other female aireal enthusiasts with her frontside airs abounding. Straight from Kindergarden to the deep end, six year old Alize Montes skated with incredible maturity. One year and two months of skate experience and her repetoire included dropping in from the deep end, frontside airs, indy grabs, etc. On the street course it was fifteen year old Ariel Lockshaw (Seashells) that ollied the eleven stair. Plenty of noble attempts at a 180, she will be the one to watch. Style points to Amy Caron who board slid the eleven-stair rail and feebled the flat bar. Vanessa, who looked like she had been mauled by a bear, or perhaps some skateboarding escapades, switch crooked the whole center box, while the voice of Dave Duncan echoed through the park. When it comes to announcing, Dave’s the man.  Many thanks to Tylenol, etnies Girl, Element, Verizon Wireless, Concrete Divas, and Kronik Energy Drink.  Happy Anniversary Wicked Wahine. The buzz is on nationwide, and the East Coast girls want a piece. Next year the series expands to Colorado and North Carolina. Yee-haw! Keep your eyes open, these girls may be skating your way soon!

Pro/Am Purse: 1st = $1000, 2nd = $800, 3rd = $600, 4th = $400, 5th = $200, Best Trick = $250 

Pro/Am Bowl
1st – Apryl Woodcock
2nd – Annie Sullivan
3rd – Holly Lyons
4th – Nicole Zuck
5th – Mandy Esch

Pro/Am Street
1st – Vanessa Torres
2nd – Amy Caron
3rd – Elissa Steamer
4th – Lacey Baker
5th – Ariel Lockshaw

Intermediate Bowl
1st – Julie Kindstrand
2nd – Lexi Barclay
3rd – Felicity Corral
4th – Chelsea Olsen
5th – Gwen Marcus

Intermediate Street
1st – Amelia Rose McCoy
2nd – Chelsea Olsen
3rd – Lexi Barclay
4th – Linsay Wilendorf
5th – Amber Harmon

Beginner Bowl
1st – Alize Montes (6yr)
2nd – Carly Nelson
3rd – Candice Cooper
4th – Cassidy Marmion
5th – Anna Gault

No Beg. Street (2 entrants moved to Int.) 

Best Trick/Bowl – Apryl Woodcock (Miller Flip)

Best Trick/Street – Elissa Steamer (Switch crooked grind across center piece ledge)

Hardest Slam – Kenna Gallagher

Most Stylee Skater – Michelle Buck