Wild In The Streets 2007

Wild Ride—the last dayWords and photos by Yoon Sul

So, I had the best sleep ive had last night….first time being in a bed since last Sat. What the f—k do I have to complain about though, these dudes have been doing the Wild Ride for weeks. So I’m pretty sure everyone had one of the best nights of sleep except for maybe the two Aaron’s and Brandon. Apparently last night they had some drama with the security gaurd. They were partying all night with this dude. He kept stealing beers from the hotel bar for the crew to get more wasted with. After a while, he began to hit on the female Aaron. Kinda freaked out, Aaron told Brandon to pretend he was her boyfriend. Playing the role, Mr. Westgate began to caress Ms. Aaron’s leg and doing those things a normal “boyfriend” would do. Pissed off, the security gaurd left and went upstairs. After a couple of minutes, someone throws a glass beer bottle at Aaron from the second floor. She looks up and sees the security walk away. Bald ass mark ass bitch. So the next day, Aaron complained. The hotel clerk said that he had been at the hotel for a while and that he was part of the “family.” They said they couldn’t fire him, but they would repremand him. Aaron got a lame “apology” note from the gaurd. Wow. Today’s the 4th, and it’s one of my favorite days of the year….the day it’s cool to be a complete wastoid. It was a beautiful day once again in the bay area. We started our day at across the street from EMB, which was the starting point of the Wild In The Streets. Many people showed up, but not that 5000 the media kept saying was going to show up. They were just trying to make a bad story out of a good one, saying that the streets are going to be mayhem with psycho skateboarders taking over the city. No, that’s not what this event’s all about. it’s about being a skateboarder and enjoying a day where we can all cellebrate being skateboarders on a day we can all celebrate being American. A couple hundred people showed up, and enjoyed the beginning of the ride socializing among each other. All sorts of media was there covering the “mayhem” they assumed it would be. from CNN to the local news, they all showed up. After all the photo ops and thanks to everybody who showed up, Andrew took off and all the peop’s followed the leader—or boss. It happened so fast, I didnt know what was going on. Suddenly I was completely alone. Luckily, Huey showed up. He had his Harley with him, so I hopped on back for what was my first ride on a Harley. It was f—king rad. The wind in your face, the rattling of the exhaust, and riding through the cars—badass. When we got to 3rd and Army the crowd was already there watching Herman hardflip the gap. It suddenly was demo time at the gap. So many people were skating the gap. It suddenly turned into a best trick contest…I haven’t seen so many boards get broke at the same spot. The crowd was having a great time watching the skating and enjoying all the food Emerica brought to the spot. Hot dogs and burgers for everybody. Even the cops showed up, enjoying some of the free Redbull. All in all, it was a sucessfull event and a great day to be a skateboarder. After the event was over, we all rolled back to the hotel, where there seemed to be an American Apparelled out party at the pool. So many hipsters man. We joined the party, making our own party by the pool. The guys just finished an amazing journey—they deserve the party time. We drank into the night, ending up at Delores Park, where there was a huge party. Last year, i went on a trip to OKC, and on the way back, I bought a shitload of fireworks for today. Let’s just say i had a good time. After passing out at the park, someone woke me up and we headed back to the hotel where we enjoyed the rest of the night talking about all the great stories that happened on the trip. I was only on the trip for five days, and even I had a great time. Not everyone gets to experience a trip likee this, and I’m honored to have been a part of it. Thanks to the Emerica family for making me part of the family….and Skin Phillips for not being able to make it on the trip. Untill next time, arrygato bitches.—Yoon Sul

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On that night at Delores Park, some asshole was throwing M-80’s at crowds at the park. Look, I know I love fireworks, but not dynamite, and I especially dont throw little sticks of dynamite at crowds. One of the M-80’s blew up the hand of Roisin Isner, a drummer from the local SF band Tinkture. Unfortunatley, her hand is now disfigured and lost a couple of fingers. Her music career is over because of this asshole. I know that park was filled with skaters, so if you were there and saw this asshole, hit up roisin’s father at chrisisner@hotmail.com. He’s offering a $20,000 reward for this mark ass bitch. Here’s a description of the mark ass bitch: he was a white male, mid 20’s, 5’10, had a dark newspaper boy cap on and had a black with red plaid messenger bag. He was last seen riding a medium blue fixed gear bike with black wheels and stickers on the down tube.thanks.