Wild In The Streets 2008, New York City

Saturday June 21 was Go Skateboarding Day and the Emerica team was in NYC fresh off the Wild Ride. The plan was to meet at the Brooklyn Banks at 1 p.m. and then hit the Manhattan Bridge skatepark, Tompkins Square, then skate over the Williamsburg Bridge and end at KCDC skate shop. When we arrived at the Banks, there was a crowd of easily 1,000 kids skating everything! There was a session on the big 12 stair, the 10 stair, the quarter pipe, and all the ledges and flatbars. Andrew Reynolds and Braydon Szafranski jumped right in on the quarter pipe sessions and the crowd went ape sh-t when they landed tricks. All the kids were super hyped to see Drew, Jerry, Spanky and all the other dudes in the flesh. I bounced ahead of the pack so I could get shots of the crowd as they approached the different spots. I dipped over to the Manhattan skatepark, and there was a heavy session going on there too! It was nuts.

The day was hot but there’s nothing like skating around lower Manhattan with a group of friends. There’re spots everywhere. The mob headed to Tompkins after the Manhattan Bridge park while I dipped out for a slice of NY pizza and some water. I headed off the pack at the Williamsburg Bridge and got to witness hundreds of skaters stop traffic on Delancey and take over the bridge. Bombing down the Brooklyn side of the bridge with the city on both sides surrounded by hundreds of stoked kids riding their skateboards was an amazing moment. And it didn’t stop when we hit the streets of BK. We took over Bedford Ave, the main vein of Williamsburg, and people on the streets were dumbfounded at what they were seeing. Everyone emptied out of the apartments and stores and shot photos of the phenomenon with their digis or phones.

We hit the finish line on North 11th Ave at KCDC skateshop. The Emerica Wild Ride RV was there thankfully full of water and snacks and pumping A/C. Although once it got packed with all us sweaty dudes, it turned into a sauna. The street turned into a block party with bands and DJs playing and free pizza and product being handed out. After cooling off and saying hi to a bunch of friends, we cabbed it back to Manhattan for a well deserved shower and dinner, then set off for a late night of NYC-style partying. In the words of Ice Cube, I gotta say, today was a good day.

Peep the slideshow for all the pics!