Wild In The Streets

June 21, 2006, Go Skateboarding Day, Chicago was overtaken! Emerica’s Wild In The Streets rallied over 3000 skaters at Buckingham Fountain and all made the seven mile trek to Wilson Skatepark. Traffic on Michigan Avenue halted and people were shocked at the site. Shoppers and empolyees were coming out of stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and snapping photos on their camera phones.

About halfway to the skatepark, there was a stop to drink water and rest, it was about 90 degrees and muggy and everyone was drenched in sweat. There were a couple of wedge ramps set up and Andrew Reynolds, Ed Templeton, and many other kids had a little session/demo. Brandon Westgate and Marquis Preston took a refreshing dip in Lake Michigan. Then the pack was off to finish up the ride along Lake Shore Drive. At the ending point, Wilson Skatepark, a huge session got underway while most needed to chill in the shade. Bishop Don Magic Juan was chilling with his money-green El Dorado hanging out signing autographs rocking his signature Emerica hightops that will be out next year.

The ride was an experience of a lifetime, if you missed it, get on it for next year!

Check the slideshow for more pics!