Wild Ride 08, A Little More Philly

So the Wild Ride is over, but I’ve still got a few more journal entries to hit you with. Here’s some stuff from the point and shoot in Philly, the FDR demo, and the drive to Jersey.

Our whole crew got pulled over in the NJ Turnpike for speeding, reckless driving, and splitting lanes (only legal in California). The cop was a ‘roided up jock that was all too happy to yell at us, call us idiots, and threaten to impound all our bikes. Brandon Westgate was stressing since he didn’t have his license or registration on him. Heath just smiled and said, “This guy seems lenient.” That’s Heath’s sense of humor.

So after running all our IDs, the cop let us off with a warning and asked if we were all pro skaters. Apparently he had heard about the Wild Ride or perhaps had been radioed about us. Oh, and all the motorists we sped by were happy to see us pulled over getting yelled at. They all honked—f–kin’ Jersey.