Wild Ride 08, Maryland to Delaware to Philly

After two days in Frederick, Maryland, it was time to ride out. Braydon and I left ahead of the pack and stealthily avoided State Troopers outside of Baltimore. The rest of the crew wasn’t so lucky. They all got yanked and Matt Ball got thrown in the slammer for driving on a suspended license. Nevermind he was riding with a leg cast!
After a stop at a road side Waffle House, Braydon and I got to the signing at Kinetic skate shop early and there happened to be a salon next door. Next thing you know Braydon has black and green hair! Peep the slideshow–straight comedy. The ladies loved him.
After the signing we all took a hairball ride into the City Of Brotherly Love trying to keep up with Heath, Huey, Ben Gilley, and Brandon Westgate all doing 90 through stop and go traffic. Once in the city, the vibes stayed high as we cut lanes all the way down Broad Street. A couple cars got some scrapes and one even got their mirror taken off–oops!
After walking around the city, taking down a cheese steak, looking at Love Park, etc. Sean Eaton rolled in with Ball on the back of his hog. Matt had to throw down 3 grand to get out of the slammer in Maryland since they figured he’d never come back to pay his ticket. Lame!
We all hit the town for some well-deserved R&R. This was our first night in hotels. No more camping. In case you’ve never been, Philly is an amazing city to skate and party in.

Now go peep the slideshow!

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