Wild Ride 2007: Day 2

With the first night of camping under their belts, the team is ready for two weeks of riding, skating, camping, and freedom. 24 bikes deep, the team rolled into downtown Salem, Oregon for an autograph signing at Exit Real World. Two of the guys on our trip, Figgy and Heath, have mag covers on the shelf right now. Then the posse headed south to the Aumsville park for the demo. Aumsville is nothing but tranny and vets like Aaron Suski and Chris Senn took to finding lines and blasting airs. The young bucks were right on their heels: Braydon, Sean Eaton, and Chris’ son Anakin were working the park as well. Check out the photos to see Braydon’s fully-extended Madonna on vert!

Then out of nowhere, Andrew Reynolds and Bryan Herman decided to play SKATE in the parking lot. The crowd got quite a show. Herman’s nollie inward heels on flatground are nothing short of miraculous.

The boys geared up and roared out of the Aumsville park to the amazement of the crowd, 24 Harleys revving is some serious intensity. A short drive later, everyone was setting up camp in Albany, Oregon with at least a few carloads of kids and fans along for the evening’s festivities. Anakin Senn made the best purchase of the trip with a soccer ball. An enormous hackey circle formed with everyone trying their best to juggle with motorcycle boots on. Four different campfires blazed and smores were roasted late into the night with three different guitars being strummed by Suski, Austin Stephens, and Mark Waters. Our best night yet.

Check the slideshow for all the pics!