Wild Ride 2007: Day 3

After a late night of campfires in Albany, Oregon, the team found themselves at Tactic in downtown Eugene for a quick autograph signing. The Harleys then lumbered over to the Springfield skatepark where the demo seriously went off. Everyone was ripping, and between the Euro gap, the double set, the pyramid, and the 10 set, what you’re seeing is only about 1/4 of the action. Sorry, I’m only one man. Minor and Jetski captured a lot more with their video cameras so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for a Wild Ride docu that will be out after the trip.

The night’s camp was set up in rural Cottage Grove—no electricity, no running water. We stocked up big on groceries and had an amazing feast. You could have filmed a cooking show. After that, most of the crew passed out early from such a long day.

Check the slideshow for all the pics!