Wild Ride 2007: Day 4

After a peaceful night in Cottage Grove, the guys rode down to the Roseburg skatepark for a demo. The whole town seemed to have turned out and the park locals were ripping. The Emerica guys soon had the park dialed and were ripping every inch of it. Again, it was too much for one photographer to handle, so you’ll see it all in video format soon. For now, check the photos in the slideshow. After the demo, we had a 100 mile ride down the 5 to Medford. Braydon was sore from skating and was kind enough to ask me if I’d ride his brand new Dyna Wide Glide through the curvy mountain passes to the next stop. I gladly saddled up and hit the road in a pack that included Jetski, Brandon Westgate, Jon Minor, Jerry Hsu, Brian Young, Kevin Spanky Long, Danger Ehren, and more. Over the next 100 miles we rumbled passed redwoods, lakes, and mountain peaks--truly immersed in America’s Northwest. Braydon, I can’t thank you enough.

Check the slideshow for all the photos