Wild Ride 2007: Day 5

Wow! What a day. After waking up in Medford, Oregon, the crew headed over to Hot Skates for one of their biggest autograph signings yet. On the way we got a phonecall that Erik Hamamoto had gone down on his bike. He got rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with a broken collar bone and a broken shoulder blade. The bike is in rough shape and is being shipped home but Erik is gonna stay on the Ride and chill in Lake Shasta on our day off tomorrow. Back to the signing—so many kids were in and out of that shop, the signing took hours. Big thanks to the staff that bought all the skaters lunch afterwards.

The crew rumbled ten miles away to the White City skatepark and ripped every inch of that park. Check the slideshow. Afterwards we had an arduous three hour drive down into Cali to Lake Shasta. The only way this drive could have lasted longer would have been if somebody invited a drunk crackhead to ride in the RV…

Once the bikes were parked at the campsite, everyone rushed down to the lakeshore to hop on the houseboat and start partying. Some homeys, namely Patrick O’Dell, Neckface, and Shane Heyl had flown in to hang as well. The party raged late into the night with the introduction of our crew to Saber Master, a crew of barely-legal coeds, a report that the stowaway crackhead was seen running around the campsite naked and was subsequently arrested, and Epcly Later’d footage logged late into the night. Our day off on the lake tomorrow will be one for the books.

Check the slideshow for more explanations!