Wild Ride 2007: Day 6

The Emerica team and their friends all piled into the houseboat bright and early for a full day of frolicking on Lake Shasta. The waterslide was firing, innertubes and air rafts were purchased and inflated, and the barbecue pretty much smoked up the air all day. Captain Jetski moved the boat around until he found a nice secluded cove to park in for the night. A nearby bridge was scoped out for a possible jump, and Shane Heyl walked right up and barged it without a second thought. It was about 50 feet down! Soon after Heath, Regan, Figgy, Marquis, and Matt Ball all gave it a go.

Saber Master was seen on distant ridges during the day practicing his sword techniques with a real metal blade as opposed to the mock light sabers he had the night before. Sure as snow in winter, after nightfall, Saber Master descended on our camp again to grace us with a light show that was nothing short of stand up comedy. He even brought his sister with him! On the real though, they both hung out and we got the scoop on their lives, which is really stranger than fiction. Just ask any of the Emerica guys next time you see them and check the slideshow for documented hijinx! As the night bled on, more than one inebriated bro was seen floating on the glassy lake under a full moon, and even more were up in the hills watching the surreal scene unfold in a cloud of fungus induced hallucination. Truly a well-needed day off and one we’ll never forget!

Check the slideshow for all the photos!