Wild Ride 2007: Day 7

The crew woke up from party-overload on the houseboat, so Jetski took them for a little morning cruise around the lake. After some coffee and a dip in the lake, the boys were ready for a short ride and demo in Redding. The park there is basically a copy of the famous Santa Rosa park. Jon Minor gave it a once over but wasn’t satisfied. It was hotter than hell but Westgate, Figgy, Suski, Slash, and most of the boys took some runs and shot the shit with the locals. Then we were all off on a long ride down to our campsite in Grass Valley. Getting to the site after dark, everyone casually pitched tents, lit fires, ate some chili and eventually smores. Jerry held court telling amazing stories of out of control tours, injuries in third world countries, and nightmare exes. The campfire circle was interrupted by rustling in the bushes. When flashlights were raised, we noticed we had a deer in our presence. A little bit of magic to finish off another day on the Wild Ride.

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