Wild Ride 2007: Day 8

After numerous wake up calls from the local deer population, some of the guys walked down to the nearby lake for a nature shower. We hit the Grass Valley park in the midday heat, but the locals were ripping and the Emerica team was soon following suit. Braydon, Andrew, Suski, and Heath were hitting bowl lines and airs while Peter, Westgate, Herman, and Marquis shredded the street section. Sean Eaton and Jerry Hsu got a heated game of SKATE going where Jerry rifled off a nollie late front foot flip first try, then a switch ollie late back foot flip on his next turn. Didn’t see the final result, but sh-t was serious!

After the demo, the bikes were saddled up and the crew set up camp at the KOA in West Sacramento. Soccer hackey sack started up as did a couple of campfires. There was a peaceful little river next to the camp and Braydon used his sixth sense to see a bullfrog head just out of the water in the pitch black. He snatched it up and paraded it around the camp like a proud hunter. Hilarious. The crew passed out one by one after such a long, hot day of skating and riding to the loud belches of distant bullfrogs.

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