Willy’s Workshop Film This Premiere

Willy Santos went the extra mile for his shops’ first video premiere by renting out a legit screen from the Edwards 18 in Mira Mesa, California. And they needed every seat. The line was long in the hot sun for over an hour before they let people in. Once inside, Willy entertained the crowd on the mic, shouting people out, telling jokes, throwing out some product, etc. The Willy’s Workshop posse was in the house as were Mira Mesa legends like Kien “Donger” Lieu and Kyong Kim. The lights dimmed and the place went nuts. The is packed with good skating and good filming by young phenom Cameron Sanchez. Standout parts are definitely Willy, Jimmy Cao, and ender Jamie Palmore. The editing was fantastic, and did I mention Jamie Palmore is the best underground skater right now? Get a hold of this video somehow, watch Jamie’s part, and recognize the steez.

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