Winter 2002 Dream Team

The birth of the smooth.

The backside tailslide and its honor-roll students seem to have much in common—peerless character and a grasp on what looks right. Both the BSTS and its polished purveyors will always be linked as the method and methodists of this particular Dream Team scenario.

How are you doing, by the way?

All-BSTS Team:

Eric Koston
Kenny Anderson
Ronnie Creager
Adrian Lopez
Mike Carroll
Brian Anderson
Mark Appleyard
Josh Kalis
Marc Johnson
Paul Rodriguez

You might want to sit down for this.

Two years and some change later, the icon of SF’s infamous Hubba Hideout is wickedly haunting us. Through every major city’s version of the spot, every new skatepark’s wooden, steel, or shot-crete replica, and the volumes of stoner mythology that have trailed behind its demise like hearing so many people mumble “Oh shit and “Dude, Hubba Hideout has become the hip-high mantle by which all others are judged.

Who ruled it, though?

Well, that’s for you to know and us to find out.

Next month’s All-Hubba Hideout Dream Team could be a fair representation of who you think would be the starting squad to do battle with the seductive super spot. Or not.

The rest is recent history. When you’ve chosen your team, visit and enter your picks.

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