Woe 2005!

This list is super-legit. Computer tracking software approved and everything. These are the top ten Wednesday Woes that you kiddies watched in ’05. So, watch ’em again, relive the highs and lows of yesteryear. To all the homeys out there that sent in footage of that golden banger, or just your buddy who squashed his nuts—thank you.

1. October 19: Danny Scher Vs. El Toro

2. November 16: Derek Fukuhara’s Bonus Video Part

3. Nick Zinger’s Popular

4. Cody from Salinas, California

5. Caveman gone wrong

6. Lucas Celler, what were you thinking?

7. Bill Rainaud, you forgot something—your board

8. Xavier Veal, security guard gap to frontboard

9. Slick from Belgium goes Daewon

10. Nick Silva going over the front on a slippery 50-50