In February, 2 photo exhibitions were held to help raise money for the Children's Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation. Boards were also signed by the Girl team after their two demos in Sydney on February 21st and in Melbourne on Feb 25th, as part of their epic Oz Adventure.

It was a hot night in Sydney and even hotter in the China Heights gallery. The Girl guys made it to the Melbourne show after a ball tearing demo at the Riverside skatepark. Big thanks to everyone who came to check it out, and   special thanks to Hardcore Australia for the generous support of the show. As of this posting the tally for the CLCRF is at approximately $15,000 and counting.

Anyone interested in buying a print and helping to support this worthy cause, please go onto and email me.


For some canvas prints that flew all the way from East LA to Australia, covered in 3 coats of varnish for extra strength and durability—the proper handling technique is some fresh white gloves. Ed Woodley of China Heights is the man, and his gallery is on point. Shout out to Kyle Bumsex too, ask Chima.


This guy is smiling for a reason: Sebastian Dickins is the guy in the suit, and he is quite at home in one hundred degree Australian sand dunes and inside a giant monster suit for 20-30 takes.


Couple of monsters just hanging out on the wall. Spike in a suit while wearing Lakai MJ 3's, no big deal.


What's up Mapstone brothers? The O'Meally squad came to represent in Sydney. Where you guys at? A big shout out to Bryan and Denis O'Meally who just finished his PhD in Evolutionary Biology at ANU, no big deal.


Mr. Eric Koston with possibly the cutest baby ever, June Koston.


Biebel sports a good dash of rouge while signing his Wild Things pro model to help raise money for the Children's Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation. Thanks for coming out Beebs—and don't forget your sunscreen!!!


Two of San Francisco's finest are two of the happiest fellas you will meet. Sam Smyth and Brian Anderson staying cool in the streets of Sydney.


What's a good art opening without a bunch of Girl's? Thanks for coming out guys!


Shelly, Dustin and Koston get a cool down at the Crix after the oven-like conditions in the gallery.


Making his second TWS website appearance in as many days, Mr Hunter Muraira and Mr Brian Anderson.


Re-united at last, Alex was all smiles when he ran into Ryan Wilson, and who can blame him.


Off to the Chez Dustin and Shelly for the after party, where a fierce collection of sunglasses was sampled by Robbo and some hot ticket with a tan. X


Robbo and Rhino get into the darkness and see the light.


Mr. Mike Carroll was shocked at how strong the sun is in Australia. It was like being in this desert scene—right Mike (photo: Colen)?


The strong and brave, Mr. Rick Howard, slightly crisper than usual (photo: Colen).


Even the brothers catch a mean burn in Australia, the always smiling—Mr. Jeron Wilson (photo: Colen).

Check back tomorrow for more from O’Meally with the Nike team. And, see the posts from earlier in the week: Vans in Taz and Bowlarama 2010.

To buy a print and help to support the Children's Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation, please go onto and e-mail with your information.