The 2015 X Games in Austin, TX was hot, humid and sweaty. But that didn’t stop some heavy skating from going down from the likes of Raven Tershy, Ben Raybourn, Ronnie Sandoval, Curren Caples, Pedro Barros, Leticia Bufoni, Alexis Sablone and more. I was interested in checking out the Austin version of X Games since I missed it’s inaugural festivities in the Lone Star State last year. I dreaded the crowd, the chaotic atmosphere and blistering temperatures that usually company “the games” but I knew I wanted to see some good skating and old friends, so this was the place to be this past weekend. This isn’t a complete recap of the weekend but just a snapshot of some of the highlights from Park, Women’s Street and The Boardr Am Finals. Go to the X GAMES for full results and placings. But stay here for rad photos.--Jaime Owens