Today 15 street skaters battled it out in the Xtreme heat to qualify for the finals tomorrow. Nick Dompierre qualified first in the strange 10-try format: Each skater had 10 tries in the heat to land a single trick. Paul Rodriguez, Nyjah Huston, Rodolfo Ramos, and Adam Dyet rounded out the other advancing skaters. Eric Koston landed the sickest trick of the day when he feebled grinded across the yellow flat bar and backside 180 transferred to the other side. Somehow he landed in 12th (?) At one point, Billy Marks’ board zinged across the course breaking a small electrical fixture that was in the grass gap. About three portly X-staffers ran out to assess the damage, and one of them kicked Billy’s board! The crowd was in disbelief. In perfect form, Billy zinged his board right back into the porkchop’s leg and exchanged words and an ice grill. I couldn’t believe the X Games staff would treat a competing pro skater like that. Check it all out in the photos below.

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