X-Treme B-I-N-G-O

I have a friend that works in corporate la-la land, I was asking her how she makes it through her daily meetings. I mean, if I had to sit through some suit discussing economic downsizing for hours on end, fatigue would definitely set in and I would sure enough find myself in the unemployment line. “So what’s your secret to those meetings?” I asked, “I used to pretty much fall asleep, until I devised this game called BS bingo” what’s that?, “It’s quite simple actually, you make bingo cards for all your friends you work with, but instead of numbers on the card you replace it with words the suits might be spurting out.” Infrastructure, downsizing, networking, and merging are just a few of the words that replace numbers on the card, the first person to get five across gets a free lunch.” It sounded like a fun game to play, something I would definitely utilize if I ever decided to don a suit and join corporate America, that was until I realized that the MTV SMF3D was going to be aired November 13th. Suddenly a thought came across my head “What about X-Treme Bingo?” Instead of numbers or corporate terms you can use X-Treme terminology that MTV’s hosts will be blurting out the day the show airs.

So get your papers and pens ready and fill in any combinations of these words in rows of five up, down, and across; Radical, Awesome, Big-Air, Brazil, Ripping, Bob Burnquist, Extreme, World-Record, Sick, Gnarly, Switch, Burly, Tony Hawk, Gnar-Gnar, Fresh, Stuck, Bitching, Coping, Method, Tweaked, Dope, 900, Danny Way, Xmen, Helicopter, Frontside, Backside, Method, Stalefish, Rocket, Kid, 50-50, Kickflip, McTwist, Benihana, Dope, No-Way, Insane, Lookback, Tailgrab, Neil Hendrix, and Heelflip. The first person to e-mail, or mail me a winning X-Treme Bingo card will win a free skateboard deck courtesy of your friends here at skateboarding.com.

If you don’t get MTV and just want to know what went down, Not only did Danny Way drop into the ramp via helicopter, he also got the highest “official” air of the weekend clocking in at a hefty 14-feet 6inches all while nursing a bruised shoulder Tony Hawk once again pulled off the elusive 900 to win the best trick of the day. You can catch the whole story at 11, I mean the 13th of November on MTV, so check it out and send those finished X-Treme Bingo cards with your name, age, favorite website, and address to:

Lance Dalgart
X-Treme Bingo Contest
353 Airport Rd.
Oceanside, Ca 92054

Email: Lance@twsnet.com