Y2 What?

With all the hype around the millenium, do you think anything will happen on December 31, 1999? We asked some of skateboarding’s best what they think will happen the day that we go to double zero?

“Nothing, I don’t think anything.” – Adrian Lopez

“I think nothing is going to happen at all, because every day I go out it’s just normal. It’s so mellow. I don’t see any craziness at all. I think it’s just going to be completely fine. What? Are people gonna get machine guns and just go completely “Raaaahh!”? It’s ridiculous. That’s like the movie stuff.” – Andrew Reynolds

” Probably nothing. I don’t think anything is going to happen.” – Anthony Van Engelen

“I have mixed fears about it. I think a lot of it’s hype, but I think people are going to be watching all the computers and talking to the countries that have troubles with their out-of-date computers. They’ll be on the phone with Russia and all that. I think it’s all going to be sorted out. I think a few people will go crazy-Heaven Gate’s style-but nothing too bad. I don’t think the world is going to end, but at least I hope not.” – Brian Anderson

“I don’t think anything bad is gonna happen with computers or any food loss. The thing I might be worried about is certain terrorist groups. Since there’s all this hype, it’s a time when people are vulnerable. And it seems like it’s a big focal point when it comes to religion. So I think a lot of groups that believe in violence to take care of things might act on that. But I don’t think anything’s going to happen electronically. You’re not gonna have to take your money out of the ATM. You don’t have to worry about that because I think technology is way ahead of the 2000 bug.” – Cairo Foster

“I think there’ll be a lot of riots … a lot of partying. But there’s going to be a lot of scattered riots that are gonna be out of control.” – Chad Fernandez

“I think it’s hype. Why would they make something they wouldn’t be thinking about in the future, anyway. If computers are going to drop in 2000, then I’m sure they got some smart dude thinking about ways around it.” – Chris Lamber t

“People will probably get crazy-festivals and whatnot.” – Danny Montoya

“I doubt anything will happen.” – Jerry Hsu

“Nothing is going to happen. I think it’s going to go by real smooth, like every other year, and everyone’s just hyping it up. It’ll be a smooth year.” – Kerry Getz

“I don’t think that much is going to happen. I heard people who work for some big computer company packed up all this food, so they can survive for a year or something. That’s not going to happen. No huge riots. Some small things might happen. It might be messed up for a little bit.” – Mattias Ringstrom

“I don’t think it’s going to be too chaotic. I think it’s just going to be another year. I think the partying might be a little more drastic. People are going to go more crazy than usual just because everyone thinks something is going to happen. So I think it’s just going to turn into another year and just be another New Year’s party for everyone.” – Neal Mims

“Computers might crash. But then again, they might find some way to prevent that from happening. It’s going to be way different because it’s the starting of the millennium. It’s going to be crazy. The psychos will come out. ” – Peter Smolik

“I think it’s just gonna be people having fun.” – Rick McCrank

“I think a lot of changes are going to come about, but I think I’m going to have to stop sending love letters to Ulysse Soto and signing them Newanda.” – Ryan Johnson