Yes, We Still Make Magazines. Yes, You Should Definitely Subscribe.

I HAVE A QUICK QUESTION FOR YOU GUYS. Okay, here it is: What else would you rather spend $38 on than 6 copies of Transworld AND a very limited addition hand-drawn Gonz tee?

38 items on the dollar menu? Co-Pay at the doctors office? Some mota? A night out with your girlfriend? Pfft! Some fancy tea or organic supplements? A goddam dinner for one?! I don't think so. Those aren't investments guys… in fact the majority of the things I just listed literally go in and out of you within a 24-hour cycle. 😉

We're hooking up our digital family with a sweet deal hoping that you guys get just as stoked as holding this beloved printed magazine as much as you like scrolling through those microscopic pictures on your smart phone or laptop… or tablet or whatever! We get it, we get it—it's a digital world, but don't forget that us cavemen are still making these things for you guys! You people still know how to read, right?! And don’t think I don’t see you people tagging your significant others on our Insta posts hinting that you want it… Nice moves, I like that. Pretty smart, pretty smart.

Let’s be honest… the t-shirt alone is worth $40 only because it's so limited. Truly #limited. We only made 100 of them and sooner than later they'll be on their way out and you'll have missed your chance!

Is your bday coming up? Are you trying to be a badass and take some money from your parents because they took away your allowance for being a badass? Did you find $40 on the ground and aren't sure what to do with it? Do you simply just like skating and think mags are cool? Subscribe today, players!


When the shirts are gone the deal is over! PRESS PLAY:

Only for our Insta followers! Link in bio 📲✨ Limited time, limited run! Get involved.

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