The newly formed Ice Cream footwear team hits Japan for a four-day, completely flossy getaway.

Words and photography by Yoon Sul

Life can be quite unpredictable at times. One minute you’re playing Yahtzee with Chris Roberts in Jon Holland’s garage in Encinitas, Cailfornia, and the next minute, as in the given circumstances here, you’re on a plane to Tokyo with the Ice Cream team to meet up with the biggest ballers of all-Ice Cream entrepreneurs Nigo and Pharrell Williams for the completely ridiculous opening of the BBC/Ice Cream store in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood.

Though only a quick four-day trip, the hours not dedicated to sleeping off jet lag, signing autographs, spending crazy amounts of money on high-fashion streetwear, and partying at the store opening in front of the cameras for Pharrell’s MTV Diary (which, by the way, felt like a Hype Williams video, the whole crew double-fisting Cristal for ten hours) were dedicated to filming and shooting photos. Unfortunately, the rains came in and cut much of the mission short, but when you’re hanging with five guys (Terry Kennedy, Jimmy Gorecki, Cato Williams, Kevin Booker, and Jacob Walder) who keep it professional from the club to the streets, everything’s always gonna be all right.

Team photo:

Pharrell Williams broke away from weighing his diamonds and gold just long enough to pose with his Cones & Bones squadron. From left to right: Jimmy Gorecki, Kevin Booker, Terry Kennedy, Pharrell, Cato Williams, and Jacob Walder.

Cato Williams, frontside noseslide:

A long way from Escondido, and an even longer way from runnin’ the mini in Willy Santos’ backyard, Cato locks in a front nose like he’s been pro since ’96.

Terry Kennedy, fakie flip switch crooks:

What’s better on this-the actual trick or the landing? TK gets his no matter what country he’s in. Yokohama fakie flip to switch crooks to ice grill, strictly for the lovers… ’cause who do you know that don’t like ice cream?

Pharrell and Nigo:

The founders of Ice Cream, Pharrell and A Bathing Ape’s Nigo, may be partners in crime, but it’s all legal money. Yes, you could buy an entire island, or quite possibly a slew of them, with all that ice on their necks. And unlike your favorite rapper’s video, these pieces weren’t rented for the show.

Kevin Booker, frontside nollie heelflip:

In Carlsbad, you got flower fields and plenty of space for a man to breathe, but no matter what part of Tokyo you’re in, you gotta duck and dive between the never-ending stream of shopping teenagers who fill the streets, and in this instance, the security and rain trying to chase Kevin Booker out before he could get a frontside nollie heel over this double-set. Too bad, so sad-Kev’s got mad zen equaling madder elbow room.

LOVE crew:

Though he’d never been to Japan in his life, as soon as we found the LOVE statue, it was like Jimmy never left home. The often-mistaken-as-Japanese-with-that-facial-hair-even-though-he’s-Korean photographer pictured in front. And no, he doesn’t speak Japanese.

Jimmy Gorecki and “Manubo”:

Immediately checked in at 11:00 p.m., everyone passed out, completely jet lagged, but Jimmy and I hit the streets with “Manubo” (pictured above) who Jimmy had met outside the hotel-although I’m perplexed at how that came about as Manubo didn’t speak a lick of English. After traveling for two hours by train with some dude we didn’t know, we arrived at a two-inch-high curb that Manubo pointed at, laughed, said “skate,” and then he skated… away. Fifteen minutes later, he came back with three tall-boy Asahis and a bag of potato chips, so we weren’t too mad-especially since he gave us cab fare for the way back. Here, the fifteen-hour flight does nothing to deter Jimmy as he breaks off an ollie while Manubo makes a run for the third round.

Jacob Walder, heelflip:

The younger they are, the less affected they are by the variables. And the less time it takes ’em to throw down the bangers. Jacob took this heelflip straight down the ten with the only effort being a completely illegal push out the door.

MTV Diary cameras:

Black guys in gold and thousand-dollar sweatshirts, even if they’re camo, don’t go unnoticed in Japan. MTV Diary breaks out the cameras for the floss fest.

Pharrell onstage:

The team does what they know best, while Pharrell does what he knows best-fist-pump and impromptu performance while the Japanese girls scream for Ice Cream.