Now that our December issue is out on the shelves, it’s time to take a look back at 2009 and see which cover you liked best. Browse through the below photos and vote at the poll at the bottom.


January 2009. In a small town in the forests of Stuttgart, Germany, Colin McKay was shown this little gem of a volcano while on DC’s Live From Europe tour. The tiles were pretty rough, and he even took a mean scrub into the floor, but the tough S.O.B. got back up and spanked a lofty air over the hip, while most of the guys had trouble hitting the lip. Photo/caption: O’Meally


February 2009. Jim Greco back Smiths while Christian Hosoi backside airs over him on a beautiful fall day in Southern California. Photo: O’Meally


March 2009. Three Pro Spotlights means three TWS covers, right? Well, just like he’s had the vert cover under his belt, Steve Berra took care of that a long time ago—this actually marks number four. Backside nosegrind to drop out past the bank. photo: Trinh


April 2009. Face to the wall, a beefy pop and a grimy New York City ledge, and you have AVE at his hard-charging best. His Mind Field part could be his most epic yet, but to really get to know the guy, you have to read his Pro Spotlight in this issue. It’s one for the ages. photo: O’Meally


May 2009. Give Lizard King 45 minutes on the West Side and he’ll give you a banger down the Santa Monica triple set (you’ll have to wait for his Pro Spotlight for that one) and one hell of an ollie out to wallride to drop. For those who are counting, this one took three tries—he was back downtown before the slaves to the nine-to-five could even start their ignitions. photo: Yoon


June 2009. It used to be nothing more than a place for the local folk to brace their hands as they walked under the train tracks back to the car from a nice day at the beach. Now it’s become the canvas for many pros to put down the most unlikeliest of tricks, especially Nick Dompierre‘s backside noseblunt-slide as shown here. They took away the skatepark—but they can’t take away the skate. The crackheads don’t even know. photo: Blabac


July 2009. Making weekly trips from Massachusetts to New York City—and specifically here, Newark, New Jersey—to wrap up his State Of Mind video part, Brandon Westgate ollies out to frontside wallride and into the bank, and furthermore, into pro-dom. photo: Cronan


August 2009. Green fingered Mark Appleyard uses his pinnacley perfect backside flip to fly over some Western shrubbery and a Japanese gravel garden in the name of David Attenborough and aerial botany. photo: Barton


September 2009. If you’re ever doubtful about a spot actually being skateable, just take Corey Duffel to it. Chances are he’ll make it a reality just like this vertical pole jammer. photo: Chami


October 2009. Sean Malto has already had one TWS cover, and we’re sure this month’s isn’t his last, but how often do you get to capture him at a spot that doesn’t really exist? Malto takes a backside five-0 up and over in Boxton Square. photo: Barton


November 2009. After putting a hurting on this Southern beast of a rail with three other tricks, Justin Brock went all in on this nosegrind just in time to turn pro. Well deserved, indeed. photo: O’Meally


December 2009. Geoff had been keeping this 26-deep goofy-footed bad boy in his back pocket for years. Most of the Flip team, past and present, have checked it out at some point in time, but it wasn’t until Colombian fire child David Gonzalez was offered some free Panda Express for a front fifty that this monster had it’s cherry popped, for you viewing pleasure. photo: Barton

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