The new Organika flick Zach & Walker’s Concrete Jungle premiered last night to a full house in Encinitas’ La Paloma theater. As most of us derelicts sauntered in with tall cans under our sweaters, it was apparent that who’s whos from all over Southern California had made the drive to see Zach and Walker set it off. The LRG homeys were in, as was the Osiris team including Duffel, Rattray, and Caswell. The Sk8mafia was in the house as were the pillars of the North County scene: Kenny Hoyle, Chris Troy, Andy Beaumarchais, Tim Tom, et al. I even saw Chris Hall in the theater. Matt Worley took our tickets, we grabbed a large popcorn and the show began. (con’t under gallery)

Zach Lyons kicked it off properly with his skinny steez and creative tricks. I think Quim Cardona had a cameo with a handful of tricks in Z’s part. Rodrigo Peteson was introduced via a handful of well-popped maneuvers, and then the crowd ripped up in hysterics when Walker Ryan’s name appeared on screen. Walker’s part was one relentless string of difficult and gnarly tricks all done with his smooth style. Adelmo Jr. and Karl Watson came in for some cameos, and just when we all thought his part was over—a second song started. The hammers came out, and a lot of pros left the theater searching for the local paper’s Classified section. As Terry Kennedy so eloquently put it in Baker 3, “Niggas gonna need jobs after this comes out.”