Zered’s Shoe Party

Tonight was a very special night for Cape Cod’s Finest, Zered Bassett. Zered moved to NYC a few years ago to pursue and further his career as a professional skateboarder which has been extremely beneficial for young Dr. Z., especially with all of the global operating he’s been performing over the years. Tonight was a perfect example of the benefits of Zered’s labor. DVS released Zered’s first pro model shoe, and in celebration of Dr Z’s accomplishments, the launch party took place at the Gallery Bar located at 120 Orchard Street in the Lower East Side of downtown Manhattan.

What a night. I walked to the gallery bar after work with some friends. Once we got there, the first thing I noticed was Zered mug shots all around the place and a huge poster of Zered frontside flipping over a rail into a gnarly bank from a recent DVS ad. So, basically, it was time to go to work. I began shooting photos of all the Zered press that was laid out throughout the bar, the friends and fam in the NYC skate scene that came out on his behalf, including the Cali connect, DVS CEO Tim Gavin and DVS team manager Gabe Clement, who also came out to party with everyone out here. Vinny Ponte hooked it up by getting JUJU from the beatnuts to DJ at the event, the ladies were looking good and everyone was getting their drink on during the anything-you-wanna-drink open bar that went on for a couple of hours. The place was packed. I got trigger happy shooting all that was going on and once I felt like I had enough photos, I realized I didn’t have one of Zered. He was M.I.A. for a minute, but when you’re the man of the evening, you unintentionally become kinda hard to find. Especially when everyone is wasted and wants to give Zered the props he deserves. I was looking for him most of the night, and once I found him I got the last flick I needed to make this story worthwhile.

I can honestly say that since the first time I skated with Zered, I’ve been a fan of his raw talent and it was only a matter of time before I would be writing about how much he deserves everything he’s earned from skateboarding. I can’t really put it in words. All I can really say is congratulations Zered, on all of your past, present and future success and to many more years of life on a skateboard.–Rodney Torres