Zero Strange World Premiere Photos

A lot of people didn’t even know there was a new Zero video premiering last night, or were at least surprised at the minimal amount of hype surrounding it. Aside from the Strange World ad campaign, the somewhat shotgun premiere worked in Zero’s favor as the crowd was collectively blown away by the 30-minute assault of classic Zero carnage. I always try to tread lightly with video premiere reviews because I don’t want to spoil anything, and you can’t really write a good review after one drunken, loud viewing. But well, here’s to breaking the rules:

First part: Garrett Hill

Last part: Jamie Tancowny

Raddest part: Marisa Dal Santo

Got their swag on: Chris Cole & Tom Asta

Hardflip Heath Homage: Dane Burman

Warehouse video part: Jamie Thomas

La Paloma dresscode: flannels & beards

Came through like a champ: James Brockman

Never Been Done: A Zero video that started on time

Didn’t have a full part but dropped hammers regardless: Tommy Sandoval

Newcomers: Donovan Piscopo & Dominic Dietrich

The video ripped!