It’s hard to really sum this one up as a heavy hangover cloud is still looming over the Big Apple. I can’t say for sure since I don’t live in NYC, but last night’s Zoo York premiere seemed like the biggest event for Gotham skaters in years. The turnout was unreal, and any NYC skater you’ve ever heard of was out. As for the video itself, you’re gonna like it. Full parts from the whole squad, rad music selection, and of course top-notch filming and editing we’ve come to expect from RB Umali. I guess the requisite spoilers these days are revealing first and last part—so it was Westgate and Zered. Eli Reed was in there with second to last part, which is also worth mentioning. Talking to people after the premiere, it was cool to hear who like who’s part the best, since the styles vary throughout the team. Seamus Deegan deserves an enormous shout out for helming a project of this magnitude and doing the Zoo York legacy justice. After the three showings, the bars and streets of New York were absolutely raging with skaters from all over the U.S. Max Fish was ground zero, inside its sweaty walls and out on Ludlow Street. Packs dispersed uptown, downtown, to rooftops, and many of us saw the sunrise this morning. Truly an unbreakable experience.