Zumiez 100K 2008 in Keystone, Colorado

It was like 15 degress—the coldest weather I’d ever been in. I know I sound retarded to all your east coasters and northerners who’ve dealt with freezing temperatures and snowstorms for years. But I’m from Southern California, and my brittle bones don’t fare to well with the cold. Despite the freezing weather and the fact that it was snowing as we made our way up the icy roads into Keystone, Colorado for the 2008 Zumiez 100K two-day extravaganza, we had a big couple of days ahead of us.

As we arrived in Colorado on Sunday night on January 6 (we meaning myself, Editor In Chief Skin Phillips, Editor Eric Stricker, Marketing dude Steve Luther, and TWS Biz Editor Josh Hunter), we ventured into the land where we would soon see Corey Duffel and Gareth Stehr in jeans and leather jackets while strapped into snowboards and where we’d witness Oompa Loompas posing for pictures through the lens of Jim Greco’s camera. Huh? Allow me to explain.

For those of you who still think the 100K is still some type of Zumiez marathon around the orange couch, let me redirect you to the come correctness. Every year Zumiez throws a huge snowboarding adventure/massive party for each and every employee in their stores that sells at least 100,000 dollars worth of gear. Here was our itinerary: Sunday, get up the mountain; Monday, snowboard and hit the welcome party; Tuesday, snowboard and hit the main party; Wednesday, head to home sweet home. This year there were 1,200 of those lucky salespeople that were flown in from across the country to flourish with us in the Colorado Rockies. And along with the winners come the pros. Anybody from Eric Koston to Corey Duffel to Tony Hawk could be seen mingling around the Keystone resort, possibly on the mountain, but definitely at the party. Now mix the 1,200 winners with the pros and some of the biggest head honchos in the industry and you’ve got one hell of a time.

The Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory themed weekend meant a party filled with unlimited amounts of candy (yeah, Pop Rocks were in full effect), chocolate fountains, full-size chocolate couches, foot-long candy bars, and anything else Mr. Wonka would have been proud of. So, if you’ve gotten this far in the story, you might as well stop reading and just check the photos. Skin shot ’em and they’re way better than anything I could ever write.—Ben Kelly