For those of you that don’t know, the Zumiez 100K is a two-day snow trip extravaganza for any Zumiez retail employee that sells over $100,000 worth of product. It starts with a day on the mountain and ends with a blowout of a party with all the biggest and best skaters and snowboarders under one roof. With last year’s theme along the Willy Wonka sort, and life-size chocolate couches with teeth marks in ’em and oompa loompas running around, I was a bit surprised when I was told this year was going to be bigger than the last. But, it was. There were more skaters than ever, a real live elephant on stage (don’t know how they pulled that one off), and two of my heroes and life long inspirations (seriously), Ponch from CHiPs and Greg Brady, made it out to cap off this year’s 70s theme.

So, good times once again, plenty of mayhem inside and outside of the party, and we’re looking forward to what Zumiez gots planned for next year. Here’s some photos from our trip.