Zumiez Couch Tour 2006: The Grand Finale!

Seattle, Wash. (7/6/06) -- After a month-long maelstrom of gigantic orange couches, concert appearances by CKY and Mike V’s Revolution Mother, and demos by some of the biggest teams in skateboarding (Flip, Volcom, Adio, Element), TransWorld was there to cover the Washington state grand finale. In the notoriously dreary city of Seattle, the clouds took mercy on the Vans skate team, who signed autographs and shredded the street park in front of thousands of kids. School’s out b*tches!

Dustin Dollin, Anthony Van Engelen, Chima Ferguson, Johnny Layton, Angel Ramirez, Nick Trapasso, and Raymond Molinar were all in attendance, but all eyes seemed to be on Bucky Lasek and Scott Kane. For starters, it was great to see Bucky (who sat behind me on the airplane) skating an event that didn’t have an “X or a “Games attached to it. And if you’ve checked the photos/videos on this page, you’ll notice there was no vert ramp. Yup, Bucky dusted off his street skills and switch double flipped up the Euro gap with no problems. Scott Kane, who’s been injured on and off for what seems like ten years now, is coming back with a vengeance. He barely broke a sweat destroying the street course, and if you saw some perspiration, it was probably just the Seattle fog building up.

The TransWorld booth was popping off too, tossing away customized T-Dub T-shirts and free copies of the new mag (have you SEEN the Bob Burnquist cover yet?!?). And around the corner was none other than TWSurf editor Chris Cote playing bass on stage with his San Diego, CA band Kut U Up. No doubt, the 2006 Zumiez Couch Tour was more blazing than ever--if you missed it, give yourself a hard smack in the face.--Carleton Curtis

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