Zumiez Couch Tour 2009: Lakai In Houston

Lakai comes through on their second stop on the Zumiez Couch Tour and KeChaud Johnson wins Houston’s Best Foot Forward contest (recap and video below).

Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Series

Guys are traveling from stop to stop on this year's BFF Tour, trying to win the coveted invite to the Finals in Minneapolis. Last year's Dallas winner KeChaud Johnson is no exception, as he placed 2nd in Dallas this year. KeChaud drove all night with no sleep to enter in Houston and his plan worked to perfection with a first place finish. He did back lip, noseblunt, nollie front board, nollie nosegrind, 270 front board, switch front board, and kick flip back lip on the handrail as well as destroying the tranny with big bs melons and smacked down a giant fs flip disaster too! 2nd went to Ryan Thompson with a back lip, back Smith, back overcrook, and kick flip front feeble on the handrail, Smith and feeble pop over on the long flat bar, and the smoothest of big tre flips to flat over the pyramid. Edward Sanchez got 3rd and also the New Era Originator award with his giant Benihanas to fakie on the quarter. Edward also got crazy on the handrail with back lip, crook, kick flip back lip, back lip shuv, blunt, blunt fakie, back noseblunt and even stuck a kicky back lip shuv on his last attempt of the session! These young and hungry Ams do more in a 10 minute jam sessions than the Pros do in an hour demo, and congrats go out to all the BFF skaters that have killed it so far this year!

1. KeChaud Johnson
2. Ryan Thompson
3. Edward Sanchez